About Thea


Thea Fotiu Howell is an artist and educator whose tenacity relates to her sense of humor and a deep love of people.  A lifelong learner, Thea leads with a gregarious spirit, is active within the arts community, and she has an arsenal of diverse experience made possible by her 20 year career in the arts.  Thea earned her B.A. in Studio Arts from the State University of New York at Oneonta, and she is a published poet and an award recipient from The Academy of American Poets.  Her paintings have been exhibited in both New York and North Carolina.  Thea is currently a contracted teaching artist with the North Carolina Museum of Art, and is a freelance  web designer, workshop leader, and content writer as The Artist's Concierge

Artist Statement

My Greek-American experience is at the center of my work, along with themes of spirituality, death, nature, and religion.  I use symbols, expressive lines, landscape-like scenes, compositions reminiscent of interiors, and text to create narratives of family and to explore both the mundane and profound aspects found in being multi-cultural.  The analogous rhythms and even the dichotomy of my Greek-American cultural landscape intrigues me, and I often use these to create newer, stranger meanings.  I refer to my paintings as "studies" for ideas that cannot be fully articulated or explained.  

                                                        - Thea Howell